Personal Coaching

When you’re feeling out of balance in your private life or at work, we’re there to support you to restore that balance. We can support you whilst making career choices, when there is a conflict with your colleagues or your manager. When you take the worries of your work home with you or when you’re ‘just’ looking for a sparring partner. We’re happy to work with people in diverse jobs and we’re seasoned at communicating at all levels in organizations. It is your personal situation that matters to us. As Professional Co-Active Coaches , we’re willing to go the extra mile with you and for you! We trust your capacities, let you decide what’s on the agenda – and please, bring all that matters to you! – We’ll work together with whatever comes up.


In a coaching relationship, it all starts with trust. So let’s get to know each other first! We’re SO curious to get to know you and you might wonder who we are. During a first call we design our alliance and you can ask all the questions you’d like. Of course we will inform you about the costs which are depending on how often you would like to be coached.

About us


Alex Verlek-van Tienhoven, CPCC, PCC. My background is in management science as well as in HR. I work as Front Of Room Leader for CTI to train new coaches. In addition I am a facilitator for CTI’s certification program (CPCC). In coaching I mainly work with CEO’s, managers and high potentials. People who are really motivated to get the most of our time together.

My mission is to positively impact the lives of 1.000.000 people through the power of Co-Active Coaching. Part of that mission is to support CTI Certification Students in their process of growth towards being a powerful coach. To me it is a joy when I have the privilege to be part of your personal (development) journey. When you ask me to coach you, you can be sure I will give you my total support! Oh yes, and to have fun!


Daphne is specialised in Education and has a passion for the under privileged in life. She has proved that coaching is the key to real change in the life’s of these young people and the professionals that work with them. She coaches professionals, teachers, human welfare workers and groups. Another specialism is coaching people who are in a business or personal relationship.

France, The Vercors We share a passion for a mediaeval village called Chatillon-en-Diois in the Vercors where we found a wonderful location from where we work part of our time. In the midst of nature, surrounded by vineyards and mountains. The sun is our friend on 75% of the days. We use this location to work with professionals (CEO / Manager / Self employed) to focus on specific plans and work intensely on getting a clear picture on how the move forward. We also work with couples who want to invest in their relationship. After the first 5-7 days in France, we will continue to coach and support you. These programs are only for those who are really committed to invest time and energy in their personal / business development or relationship! Contact us for a first brainstorm if this triggers you. Vervors France


Are you ready for a next step? Please contact us so we can plan our first call.

Marketing Tele-class

Get Clients Now! A special 28-day marketing program by Alex for professionals, consultants and coaches. A unique, individual training program in which you’ll learn to improve your marketing and get the clients to make your business successful. In two calls we create a personal 4 weeks marketing program tailored to you.

You’ll get weekly support as you implement the program. It’s individual and therefore custom-made for your success. With flexible starting dates; whenever you’re ready for it! For not more than € 400 (ex VAT if applicable). We did it ourselves and consider it as the best investment whilst setting up our company!